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Education and Early Childhood Development

Junior High Literacy Assessments

The Junior High Literacy Assessments, administered to grade 9 students in February, provide information about individual student achievement and system performance in reading and writing, relative to the English program or French first language outcomes that are represented on the assessments.

Participation in the Junior High Literacy Assessments

Name of Assessment Participants
Junior High Literacy Assessment
Grade 9 English program students (including French immersion)
Grade 9 French first language students
Appréciation de rendement en littératie au premier cycle du secondaire (ARLS) Grade 9 French first language students

Provincial, school board, and school results for the 2010-2011 and the 2011-2012 Junior High Literacy Assessments are available below. Results are accurate within a range of ± 1%.

Responsible Use of Assessment and Examination Data

This information must be reviewed and used in combination with other reliable measures of classroom, school, and school board achievement. Do not use these results as a measure to rank teachers, schools, or school boards.