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Education and Early Childhood Development

The Pan-Canadian Assessment Program (grade 8 students)

The Pan-Canadian Assessment Program (PCAP) is administered every 3 years to a representative sample of grade 8 English, French immersion, and French first language students. While each administration includes reading, math, and science, the major domain changes with each assessment. The major domain in 2007 was reading and the major domain in 2010 was mathematics.

The PCAP complements existing assessments in each province and territory. It provides information about whether grade 8 students across Canada reach similar levels of performance in reading, mathematics, and science.

Accompanying PCAP questionnaires for students, teachers, and schools provide jurisdictions with contextual information that contributes to the interpretation of the performance results and an understanding of the factors that influence learning. The results of the 2010 PCAP administration are below. The PCAP contextual report from the 2010 administration is available at Please visit the PCAP link in the menu on the right side of this page for additional information.

PCAP Overall Reading Scores

2010 PCAP Percentage of Students Performing in Reading at Level 2 or Above

2010 PCAP Overall Mathematics Scores

2010 PCAP Overall Science Scores